C98 Cyprus Porsche 997 import

I was looking at a rather nice 997 Cabriolet the other day. As always, I check through the options codes (which are found on a sticker at the front of the service book). The first code is always the country the car was built for and I’m used to seeing C16, which is the UK code.

However, this car had the code C98 which I knew from past experience means it was made for Cyprus. Now, a few years ago, it was quite common for UK dealers to order brand-new Porsches from Cyprus and sell them in the UK at a discounted price. It seems to happen less now that UK car prices have dropped in relation to other parts of Europe.

I was fairly sure there was no spec differences between UK and C98 Cyprus Porsches but would this code affect the car’s future value? I rang up a contact at an Official Porsche Centre and he was adamant it wouldn’t, saying that he was always happy to take C98 cars in and sell them.

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