What’s a good Porsche for retirement?

Now, I’m a long way off retirement, but when I do finally get to take it easy, there are two things I am sure of:

First, I’m not going to play golf.

Second, I’m not going to drive around slowly in a Nissan Micra with a National Trust sticker on the back.

Third, I am going to drive a Porsche.

But what sort of Porsche? Well, certainly a 911 of some description but will it be a modern one or a classic? Now, no one can predict what sort of cars Porsche will be making over the next 20-odd years and the ones we have now will be very old by then. So, I’m going to cheat and imagine I’m retiring now and have the last 48 years of 911s to choose from.

So, that means water-cooled or air-cooled? I could see me getting a lot of enjoyment from a nice 964 or 993 tucked away in the garage that I can tinker with and polish on a sunny Sunday (blimey, I’ll be smoking a pipe next!).

That said, though, it would also be nice going touring with my wife and she’s not keen on driving air-cooled 911s. So maybe a 996 or 997 would fit the bill. Call me odd, but I have a soft spot for the 996 so may choose one of those over a later 997 – a 996 Carrera 4S would fit the bill nicely.

Umm, tricky. I know – I’ll have one of each. That’s the plan. Now, how’s my pension plan performing… 🙂

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  1. Oliver Watkins

    I have seen the future and it will be a polar silver 993 tiptronic S with metroploe blue interior.

    1. Phil

      Good point, thanks; a Tiptronic would make a lot of sense. I’ve a Tiptronic 993 in stock at the moment and I’m really enjoying driving it.

  2. walter

    I have a 1987 Carrera cabriolet in Grand Prix white with a Marine Blue top/interior. I bought it new when I turned 40 (you do the math) It has only 53,000 km on the clock and serves me well in retirement. We have both aged well and still look “cool”

    1. Phil

      Fantastic! I’ve written in the past about buying a ‘Porsche for life’ but I wonder if a new Porsche today would stand the test of time as well, as there are so many more electronics become obsolete.

      Have you always felt satisfied with yours or have you ever wondered about changing for something newer?

  3. Karl

    I am a big believer in the goodness of the 996s. A modern car without the electronic nannies of the 997s. I have had no issues with the RMS and IMS bearing issues and the fact that it is not a collectible means that you can get a good one cheap (relatively)! I’m still looking for a 996 GT3 in Polar White that hasn’t been tracked too much. Good luck!

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