Washing Porsches is fun!

My first job of the day was washing a Porsche – a 996 Carrera 4 to be precise. It didn’t need anything fancy – just a quick sponge down and dry to remove some everyday grime. It was already beautifully polished with Zymol and in great condition.

I have to admit that I’m not the world’s best car cleaner. I’m patient with many things, but I can’t be spending hours, if not days, detailing a Porsche – I use a very good valeter for that. However, when it comes to a quick sponge down (the Porsche not me) I’m in my element. There’s something very satisfying about running a mitted hand over a 911’s smooth flanges (settle down at the back!) – find me a car that’s more enjoyable to wash.

The only problem is that it looks like rain for the first time in many weeks, so the Porsche is now tucked safely up in the garage to avoid rain marks on it’s now pristine paintwork. One day I’ll get the garage looking as good!

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