The ups and downs of selling a Porsche

Selling Porsches is fun and it can sometimes take a while, especially in today’s market. However, you only ever need one buyer for a car and it’s simply a case of reaching out to that person.

A car I’ve enjoyed selling has been a very rare 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo Targa. One of a handful made, it was a beautifully original low-mileage example. As I expected, it received a lot of interest from around the world. Oddly, though, it took a while to sell.

The problem was that not one but two buyers had to pull out because of unforeseen personal circumstances. Both were British people based overseas. These things happen but it did cause delays and I lost other potential buyers as a result.

Then, another overseas buyer got in touch and I was immediately dubious. This time, though, the sale went ahead smoothly and the Porsche is now on its way to a sea voyage and a new life abroad.

It’s a car I’m proud to have been custodian of and I was sorry to see it leave.

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