The steering wheel is your connection with your Porsche

You feel your Porsche through your steering wheel, and the choice of wheel can really transform the feel of your Porsche.

During the development of the 993, Porsche did a lot of research into ‘Porscheness’ and came to the conclusion that a 911 should have a relatively large, thin-rimmed steering wheel, rather than a smaller chunky item, which is what you expect to find in sports car.

Drive a 993 – or indeed any other air-cooled 911 – with the original wheel and you’ll understand the thinking about this. A thin rim has a delicate feel to it, which suits the light, communicative steering of a 911.

However, there is something to be said for a thick-rimmed wheel, which is why it’s long been a popular upgrade to fit Porsches with the wonderful steering wheel from the 968 Clubsport. This is a thing of beauty and feels wonderful, too. Is it wrong to fit one to a 911? Not at all. I’ve just been driving around in a Porsche 964 with such a wheel fitted and it felt really good. Dare I say it felt better than the standard 964 four-spoke job? I just have….

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