The Porsche 944’s time has come

I’ve always loved the Porsche 944 but it was never a particularly popular car. Until now, that is. I’ve had three in stock recently and I’ve been astounded by the intense interest from buyers.

One sold over the phone without being viewed. Another went on the day it came into stock. The third had I had about 15 phone calls on.

And no wonder. The 944 is a great car – beautifully made, great looking in a retro-eighties way, and a lot of fun to drive, both on road and on track.

They’re getting rare, too, with surprisingly few appearing on the classifieds sites. And of those, even fewer are decent examples of a quality I’d want to retail.

Find a good Porsche 944, and you still won’t have to pay much for it. At the time of writing, it’s hard to pay over £10,000 for a 944 S2, but I predict that will change. As values of air-cooled 911s continue to spiral upwards, buyers are turning to other Porsches, such as the 944, as a way of getting their Stuttgart kicks.

There’s also a new generation of buyers who grew up in the eighties and remember what a cool car the Porsche 944 was.

The only annoying thing about selling them so quickly is that I don’t get a chance to enjoy them!


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