The joys of a Porsche 964

Philip Raby's Porsche 964 is gone but by no means forgotten

Last week, I collected a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Targa from Preston in Lancashire – not far from where my distant ancestors lived. I took the train up and drove the car straight back down to my base in Chichester – a 280-mile drive, mostly on motorways.

It was a long trip, and partly in torrential rain, but I didn’t tire of the 964 one bit. With its torquey 3.6-litre engine, supremely comfortable seats and sensible gearing, a 964 is a great cruising car, and I got home feeling as fresh as the moment I stepped of the first-class train at Preston after stage one of my journey.

I’ve long had a soft spot for Porsche 964s. My second 911 was a 964, a left-hooker which I travelled to Germany in a winter storm to collect. That was a good few years back and the car went on to be featured in 911 & Porsche World magazine many times, as I reported on my time with it.

Foolishly, in retrospect, I sold the car. If only I’d kept it, as a few years later prices of left-hand drive Porsches rocketed as a favourable exchange rate made Germans snap them up from UK sellers. Indeed, a later owner of my car made a very tidy profit by doing just this. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing…

Philip Raby’s Porsche 964 is gone but by no means forgotten


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