The joy of cleaning a Porsche 911

I like my cars to be clean – whether my own or stock that I’m selling. However, I’m not a natural car cleaner who would happily spend all day polishing and detailing – I’d rather pay someone else to do that.

That said, on a sunny afternoon, there is something very special about washing a Porsche 911. The shape, the size, the curves, the smell, all combine to make it a thoroughly special experience.

I’ve just spent half an hour sponging down this rare flatnose and have come away feeling very relaxed. Save money on therapy – wash your Porsche instead!

Oh, and no reservoirs were harmed in the washing of this Porsche. 🙂

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  1. Fabrizio

    I totally agree! Especially on the size: I washed my 3.2 yesterday and I was surprised (once again!) by how easy is it to reach anywhere on the body, given the car is so nicely small when compared to contemporary ones.

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