The economy’s on the up, so now’s the time to buy a Porsche!


I’ve just returned from a great family holiday in Paris. On our return to England, through Eurotunnel, we turned on the car radio to hear the news that the UK economy is growing and consumer confidence is strengthening.

Just as we heard this news, we passed a transporter loaded with brand new Porsches, everything from 911s to Cayennes, no doubt on its way to Porsche Cars GB at Reading. My wife managed to grab this photo through the car window with her iPhone.

Some lucky new owners will be taking delivery of the Porsches very soon, no doubt. However the good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to own and enjoy a Porsche. And buying a used example makes more economic sense. Click here to see our range of modern and classic Porsches.


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