The easy way to sell your Porsche

Selling your beloved Porsche (or other performance car) yourself can be hard. Tyre-kickers, dreamers, time wasters, con artists – do you really want to deal with all that? And will people want to buy a valuable car from a stranger? You could sell to a dealer but you’ll often end up taking a big hit on price doing that.

This is where we can help. Philip Raby is a Porsche broker. We will take your car, prepare it for sale, photograph it and market it heavily to our contacts in the UK and abroad. We’ll deal with buyers on your behalf and our good reputation means people buy from us with confidence.

Best of all, we always aim to get the best market price for our Porsches, so will return you a better figure than you’d get as a part-exchange.

Recent sales success means that we are actively looking for more cars to stock. So please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Please click here for more information or call 0845 450 6964.

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