The cost of running a Porsche 964

Good Porsche 964s are going up in value

I’ve just had an email from a customer who’s gone through his Porsche 964’s 20 years’ worth of history and come up with the following breakdown of costs:

Total spend inc VAT: £48,847 (excluding tax, insurance, fuel etc)

Total parts spend exc VAT: £25,261

Total labour spend exc VAT: £18,475

Average spend / year: £2035

Most expensive year: £7,617 (2009, almost entirely engine rebuild)

Cheapest year: £503 (1991, exc 1989 and 1990 at zero spend)

Front tyres replaced: 9

Rear tyres replaced: 8

Front brake pads replaced: 10

Rear brake pads replaced: 8

Front discs replaced: 4

Rear discs replaced: 2

This is for a Porsche 964 that’s been heavily used as a daily driver, not kept as a garage queen – it’s done 145,000 miles and the history file dates back to when the car was just three years old. Note too that the bills include a full engine rebuilt as well as more routine work.

If you add depreciation into the equation, that adds another £10,000 to the costs – which is a very modest £500 a year. Now 964 prices are on the increase, you can expect to see that figure decreasing over time, maybe even to zero.

I think that makes for cheap motoring, and proof that it makes sense to drive a Porsche and also to buy one and keep it for a long period rather than chopping and changing every few years.


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Good Porsche 964s are going up in value
Good Porsche 964s are going up in value


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