The colour of a Porsche sets the tone

What colour Porsche would you choose? If you’re buying a used Porsche, you can’t be too choosy; you should choose the best car you can find regardless of shade (although of course, it needs to be a colour you like and can live with).

Buying a brand-new Porsche, on the other hand, makes the question of colour rather more complicated. Sitting in the showroom or using the Porsche online configurator, it can be a tough decision and one that you’re going to have to live with for a long time.

The colour of a Porsche – inside and out – really affects the car’s appearance and your’s and other people’s perception of it.


Take this 997 Carrera 4S Cabriolet we’ve just taken into stock. Finished in  Midnight Blue Metallic with a Sand Beige Leather interior, it exudes understated opulence and class. A car an English gentleman would drive. The pale interior feels luxurious and cosseting, while the exterior is tasteful and subtle.



Now imagine the same Porsche finished in Guards Red with a black leather interior. All of a sudden, you have a more racy, in-your-face car, painted in a traditional sports car shade. A Porsche that would attract attention.

Or what about black paintwork with a black cockpit? That would give a mean, stealthy look, one which emphasises the 911’s power and aggressiveness.

Pick a 911 Cabriolet in white with a red leather cockpit and it becomes a car for an extrovert who likes to be noticed and wants to make a statement.

I’m not saying any of the above are right or wrong, but it just shows how colour affects the perception of a Porsche. I’d even go as far as to say it affects the way one drives it.

What colour would you choose for a Porsche? Please leave a comment below.

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