Steve McQueen’s Le Mans 911S – what would you pay for it?

The Porsche 911S that Steve McQueen drove in the film Le Mans is coming up for auction soon, which is causing big excitement in the Porsche world.

Usually, I’m very cynical about Porsches that have celebrity owners. Recently, a couple of 911s that had once been owned by David Beckham came up for sale, and the asking prices were way in excess of the cars’ value, simply because a pair of Beckham bottoms had once warmed the leather.

But this car is different. Not because McQueen is more famous than Beckham – he probably isn’t these days – but because it starred in the opening sequence of Le Mans, driven by the great man himself (no, not Beckham…). After filming in France was finished, McQueen kept the Porsche and had it shipped to his home in California.

This Porsche 911S, then, is a true piece of cinematic history with a great story, and has far more going for it than a famous name on the registration document. It’s also in beautiful condition. It’ll be very interesting to see how much it goes for.

You can read more about the Le Mans 911S here.

Oh, and did I mention I once sold a 911 that Robbie Williams might have once sat in? I kept quiet about that, thinking it might devalue the car… 😉

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