Social media – why it’s important

Top-100-influential-dealers1 I was delighted to discover that my Twitter account is rated sixth out of 100 Most Influential Car Dealers on Twitter by Car Dealer magazine. You can see the entire list here.

What’s remarkable about this, to my mind, is that most of the other names in the top ten are large dealerships, while I’m pretty much a one-man-band. Also, I’ve never really done anything clever on Twitter or Facebook. All I do is put up what I think are useful and interesting posts and I  interact with other people in a chatty, friendly manner.

A lot of people I talk to in real life say they can’t be bothered with “All that nonsense” because “They haven’t got time for it.” I believe that if you’re in business, whether it’s car sales or something else entirely, you can’t ignore social media. I’ve bought and sold cars through Facebook and Twitter, built brand awareness, made business contacts, and made some friends.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and it’s also good fun. It doesn’t take a lot of time, either: I can update my statuses on my iPhone whenever I have a spare moment.

If you don’t already, do please follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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