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Philip Raby

1988 Porsche 924S Le Mans project


This is a rare 1988 Porsche 924S Le Mans. It’s car we took in part-exchange and were planning on restoring it to original condition to have in our showroom but we have decided to sell it on as-is. Restored 924S Le Mans are worth around £15,000.

Built only in 1988, the Le Mans was the last version of the 924S and its 2.5-litre engine was uprated to 160bhp, to bring it inline with the 944 of the day. The Le Mans also had lowered and firmer Sports suspension, unique grey fabric seats, and ‘Le Mans’ side decals. It was available in white with gold accents, or black with turquoise accents. It is believed that just 300 came to the UK. Note that the 924S has the larger 2.5-litre engine which is a much nicer, more powerful and smoother unit than the 2.0-litre in the early 924.
This example has covered 128,400 miles and the last owners put a lot of money into sorting it out mechanically, with bills going back to 2011. Work of note includes the cambelt and tensioner replacement, plus a major service, in 2016 at 127,103 miles. The car has been stored in a heated garage since then.
Inside, the original grey fabric seats have been replaced with 911 ‘tombstone’ seats which, together with the original rears, have been beautifully retrimmed in black leather. While this distracts from its originality, they are more durable and practical than the originals, which are notorious for not lasting. The dash top has some cracks but it’s a lot better than many 924s we’ve seen. There are also four small screw holes in the dash, which looks like a mobile phone mount has been there.
Speaking of originality, the ‘Le Mans’ side decals have been replaced by red ‘Porsche’ stripes but replicas of originals are now available online. The car comes with its original handbooks and wallet, plus tool roll and rear luggage blind. There is also a USB stick of photos showing some past bodywork restoration.
The front and rear valances are not standard, but we understand they were made by BBS and date back to when the car was new.
The engine runs sweetly – we put in a couple of new injectors and a battery – and the car is drivable.
Now for the bad news. Our local and friendly (usually) MoT tester threw the book at the car. He really wasn’t happy with some corrosion in the sills and floorpan around the rear suspension, and also said the front wheel bearings are passed their best. The front suspension top-mounts have play in them, too. the brakes are ‘excessively fluctuating’ which may just be because the discs have surface rust because they are completely unworn, so a good drive may clear them. You can find the MoT report online.
Other than the MoT issues, there is some rust bubbling up on the rear of the front right wing and the paintwork is a bit dull in places. Also, the piping has come loose on the driver’s seat bolster. We’ve tried to show the car as clearly as we can in the photos but do please get in touch if you have any questions.
The VIN is WP0ZZZ92ZJN400440 and the engine number 46J01438.
We realise that collection of the car may not be possible for a while, so we are happy to store it for the buyer.

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