Porsche’s Vesuvius Metallic – not unique to the 993 Carrera S

I’m selling a superb Porche 993 Carrera S click here for details. It comes with an original sales brochure which claims that the colour, Vesuvius Metallic (which someone pointed out has to be the coolest paint colour name) is unique to the Carrera S.

This surprised me as I was sure I’d seen the same shade (a sort of warm, purpulish grey) on other Porsches and, today, I’ve received an email from a Carrera 4 owner who says that his car is also Vesuvius.

Porsche tended to do this; offer special colours on certain models, and then allow customers to pick the same shade for other cars, too.

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  1. Sinclair Goldberg

    I’m aware of a few 996’s in the same colour – albeit with a little more ‘purple’ Which is never a bad thing!

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