Porsches have got cheaper over the years

Take a look at this Fact File page from a 1990 issue of 911 & Porsche World magazine.

Back then, Porsche offered just three model ranges – the 944, 911 (in 964 guise) and 928. Today, there are six, which many more options within each range.

What is more striking, though, are the prices of the cars. The entry-level model was the 944 and that starts at £34,641.55, which according to this calculator equates to almost £78,000 in today’s money. Compare that to a 2016 718 Cayman, the current entry-level Porsche, which comes in at under £40,000. A veritable bargain.

The 911, meanwhile, cost from £45,820.51 in 1990 for a 964 Carrera 2 coupe. Using our calculator again, that’s almost £103,000 in 2016 values. Today, the cheapest 991 model 911 is £76,412.

It’s also interesting to note that the most expensive Porsche for sale in 1990 was the 928, with the range-topping GT costing £62,615.58 – the equivalent of a whopping £140,640 in today’s money. That would buy you a new 991 Turbo S.

If you’d bought a 911 back in 1990, you’d have done pretty well as, today, it could be worth almost what you paid for it, assuming you had kept it in first-class condition. A 944 or 928 wouldn’t have fared so well, but certainly better than if you’d bought almost any other car – which probably wouldn’t even still exist after 26 years!

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