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I heard it said recently that, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. This got me thinking about adding videos of cars for sale to my website. I’ve toyed with this before, but had grand ideas of slickly filmed and edited productions. Then I realised that all is needed is a quick walk round of the car; I’ve been told that one minute of footage is all that is required before people lose interest.

With more and more business being done over the internet, from customers in the UK and abroad, it makes sense to use video to allow prospective buyers to get the best impression possible of a car, because many people now buy without seeing the vehicle for themselves.

So here’s my first video. Do let me know what you think as I’d appreciate constructive feedback.

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  1. Hi there Phillip,

    I’m all for using the latest media in advertising and publications where ever possible. A video doesn’t cut it for me because it just doesn’t show off the car’s detail in any depth.

    In my humble opinion, the 12 good quality photographs, as provided by you, for the previously sold 3.2 Carrara gives a prospective buyer far more insight in to what he/she might consider buying.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks for the feedback Kevin. I will certainly keep the still photos as well as the videos.

      By the way, the next issue of 911 & Porsche World has a feature on the Carrera 3.0 (plus a cover story by me!).

  2. Thanks for the head up on the Carrera 3.0 feature. Must get a copy! I did a quick 140 mile round trip last Wednesday in the C 3.0. Oh what fun! Back to the roots driving without all the modern electronic gadgetry.

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