Porsche emojis for iOS10’s iMessages


Apple has just updated its mobile operating system to iOS10, which introduces lots of great new features and functions to your iPhone and iPad.

One new feature is the ability to add ‘stickers’ to messages sent via iMessage. The system comes with a few stickers included and you can then add others from third parties.

I was particularly taken with a set of Porsche emojis supplied by Automoji. They feature no less than 52 stylised front-end images of Porsches.

It’s an eclectic mix of cars, including every Porsche Le Mans winner, a 924 Turbo, and even a 914, including a range of 356s and, of course, 911s. There are no Cayennes or Panameras yet, but maybe they’ll arrive in a later update.

The pack costs just 79p and you can get it by clicking here.

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