Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day six



It was a blustery day here on Skye which wasn’t ideal as we were filming from a jib – a long moveable arm with a camera on the end.

My job was to drive the Cayman past the jib as the camera smoothly dropped down to film the car shooting by. Which was tricky as I was very close to it and, on a couple of occasions the wind blew the jib rather to close to me for comfort. Indeed, I found myself subconsciously ducking my head to one side as I passed the boom!

What made this shot particularly critical was that it has to morph perfectly with a shot from a helicopter which is happening tomorrow.

Once again, we had help from the police, this time Dougie and Dave, who were extremely helpful and friendly, and fun to be with, with their jovial banter over the radio. They stopped the traffic as required and, as ever, drivers were happy to co-operate, with the exception of one lady who, much to the police’s amusement, waved her arms around angrily!

IMG_7614Also with the jib was an overtaking manoeuvre; I had to drive the 964 past the Cayman but, again, the timings were crucial, so the director was giving me instructions in my ear as I was driving.


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