Porsche Cayenne GTS – it’s very green

And I don’t mean it’s good for polar bears. I’ve just received a press release about the new Porsche Cayenne GTS and the accompanying photos show an oh-so-lime-green Cayenne GTS. Phew, imagine walking out of the house to be greeted by that ever morning!

Now, I’m all for people buying Porsches in the colour they want, not the colour they think will sell well in three years’ time, and there’s no doubt that a Cayenne in this shade would make a statement (although I’m not sure what that statement would be…) but would anyone be brave enough to order a Kermit green Cayenne?

There’s no doubt that bright colours like this can look great on small sports cars such as the Porsche 911 and Cayman? But the Cayenne has a whole lot more real estate to be covered in retina-burning paint. Even if you were daring enough to choose a Cayenne in a bright colour, I suspect you’d soon become fed up of both the shade and the attention it would attract. And when the time came to sell you’d get fed up with waiting for a buyer.

No, colours like this are fine on show cars but not for Cayennes in the real world. Now, a lime green Porsche 911 on the other hand…



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