Porsche announces Cayenne S Diesel

Porsche has just announced its latest model, the Cayenne S Diesel. With a 4.2-litre turbocharged V8 that produces 382bhp, it’s the company’s most powerful diesel to date. 0-62mph takes 5.7 seconds and the top speed is 156mph.

It’s also economical at 34mpg which, let’s face it, is an impressive figure for a big car with a big engine. The trouble is, though, that you won’t get this figure if you drive the car as its S badge demands – fast and furiously. Which makes me wonder if it’s a sensible choice for UK buyers, where diesel costs more than petrol.

Speaking of Cayennes, they make a great second-hand buy, with prices starting at under £10,000…

The new model goes on sale in January 2013.

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