Porsche 997 Targa – in yellow?

I’ve just had a call from a non-Porsche dealer asking for help with a Porsche 997 Targa he has in stock. As he told me about the Porsche I visualised it as being Silver (as most 997s seem to be). So I was surprised when he told me that the car was bright yellow.

A great colour for  a Porsche 911 in my book but I suspect it would be a tricky one to sell. I love the 997 Targa but it’s not the most popular 911 model and buyers tend not to be the most sporty types so would they want a Speed Yellow example?

Well, some buyers would be put off but, at the end of the day, you only need one buyer for a Porsche and, let’s face it, someone specced this one new so it’s fair to assume there must be other people with similar taste. I’ve found the car on Pistonheads so click here to have a look.

It reminds me of a 997 Targa press car I had a couple of years ago which was finished in Nordic Gold (metallic orange in other words). It was outrageously bright and I’m not sure I could have lived with it (and I like orange). I was later contacted by the person who bought the car from Porsche and he loved it. That’s a picture of it below.

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  1. worldwidewebs

    Similar to the Burnt Orange I had on an Elise. Great colour for a sportscar

  2. Sinclair

    I remember this car appearing in various Porsche mags. Love this colour – I could live with it! If you’re gonna be a bear…

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