Porsche 997 Sport Classic – what a car!

Sport Classic

A mate just spotted a Porsche 997 Sport Classic in the local Waitrose. A rare sight, indeed!

The 997 Sport Classic is one of my favourite Porsche 911s. Just 250 were sold in 2010 but it was far more than a limited edition version of a standard 997. It was, in fact, a model in its one right, with a unique double-hump roof, striking grey paintwork, ducktail, Fuchs-style wheels and a cool retro brown interior. With the wide rear body from the 4S linked with rear-wheel drive, revised suspension and a  408bhp Powerkit, it was also a stunning Porsche to drive with its own distinct character (ironically, Porsche later carried the same concept over to the mainstream – and more affordable – GTS).

It is surely a classic in the making.

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