Porsche 997 Carrera – simple is best

I was sorting through some photos when I came across this, which brought back happy memories. It’s a 2006 Porsche 997 Carrera which I drove to northern France, in search of my great uncle’s grave; he fought in the First World War and was killed there.

It was, of course, a poignant trip, but also a very enjoyable one. From a personal point of view, it was important for me to research Uncle William’s history and visit his resting place, in a very beautiful and peaceful spot.

From a Porsche point of view, it reinforced an opinion that I have long held, and mentioned here before. And that is that a simple, no frills 997 offers the most fun. This car had the 3.6-litre engine (a lovely, willing unit) and pretty well nothing in the way of options, apart from the great (but firm) Sport suspension set-up. The car was finished in silver with a black leather interior, and looked and drove fantastically.

This particular car was from Porsche’s UK press fleet and, talking to other writers, they also hold it dear to their hearts.

So what’s the relevance here. Well, apart from me sharing a nice photo, it also occurs to me that this particular car will now be five years old and very affordable. You see, buyers misguidedly tend to want well-specced 911s. Not necessarily because they have a strong desire for lots of extras, but rather because they’ve been programmed to believe that a well-specced car will be easy to sell. It’s that old chestnut about buying the car the next person wants, not what you want.

I’m not denying that this is, indeed, the case; a well-specced Porsche will always sell better for the very reason I’ve described.

But that’s great news because a basic 997 such as this beauty can be had for a good price and will be a peach of a car to drive. So, remember, keep it simple!


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