Porsche 996 for sale in Latvia


I’ve been exchanging emails with a Porsche 996 owner in Latvia who wants to sell his car.

He bought it from Vienna in Austria and exported it to Latvia where, he tells me, the 996 was serviced by the country’s one and only Porsche dealer. The very tidy-looking left-hand drive 2000 car has 189,000km (117,000 miles) on the clock.

What’s it worth? The owner doesn’t know, saying that prices range from €18,000 to €30,000 (£14,000 to £24,000) for similar examples. That’s certainly more than you’d expect to pay for a highish mileage 996 in the UK but, I suspect, there are less Porsches in Latvia than here.

Of course, such a car could be marketed all over mainland Europe where there is a good market for left-hand drive Porsches.

If it sounds of interest, please click here to email the owner.


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