Porsche 996 Carrera 4S colour-coded centre console

I was browsing around a friend’s showroom at lunchtime, when I was inevitably drawn to a gorgeous Midnight Blue  996 Carrera 4S –  one of my favourite modern 911s.

The inside was as spotless as the exterior, but really got my attention was the centre console. Like many Porsche 996s,  the section between the seats was colour-coded to match the exterior paintwork; nothing new there, as it was a factory option. However, this car also had similar colour-coding on the front part of the console; around the climate control, CD holders, PCM screen and the vents.

I have never seen this before and it could easily have looked awful, but it been done so well it could have been a factory upgrade. We don’t think it was though, because there was nothing in the options list to suggest that. And besides, I’m sure I’d have seen it on other 996s, if that was the case.

The 996 interior is sometimes criticised for being too plasticky, and it’s this centre section which is most obvious. Painting the black plastic in this way has transformed it. If you have done to your car, though, you would have to find somebody who could do the work to this high standard; and painting plastic isn’t easy.

Do take a look at the rest of the car, it really is a superb example. Click here to see.

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  1. Fraco Battellani

    Bellissima.Molto grintosa.

    1. Phil

      In English: Very beautiful, spirited

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