Porsche 996 Carrera 4S

I’ve just been searching through some of my old photos and stumbled upon this image of a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S. To me, it remains one of the best looking 911s ever when viewed from the rear. What do you reckon?

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  1. Ryan

    Hmmm the 996 has a nice ass I guess, but that red strip at the back on the carrera 4 & 4s models always ruined it. Mean it wouldn’t be too bad if it lit up was like front light on the car in knightrider or even simply had the word “Porsche” embossed in it.

    But I have always HATED the headlights on the 996 and also the alloys. The alloys look as if the tyres were glued to the road and somebody attempted launch control and then the alloys were bent into that shape.

  2. tamer talan

    İ have one,With our spoiler on the back made by speedart.and it has to be said,that this 911 is without a doubt the most beautiful 911 EVER.İt has it all,looks,sound,and reliabily.Everything about this amazing machine is absolutly PERFECT.Wouldn`t change anything about it..:)

  3. Chris


    I could not agree with you more. I have a 10k minter in polar silver and it is simply stunning. When I take it in to the local Porsche dealer it gets all the attention. Not just the rear. The whole package looks so right and well proportioned. A very misunderstood and unappreciated model currently but a future classic without doubt. With those looks its time will come around again.

    I would add that I also have a 12k mint 993 C2S in arctic silver so my opinion is hopefully a fully balanced one. Both cars are stunning but could not be more different. If I am totally honest the 996 is the superior car but there is something magical about the 993.

    Keep up the outstanding work on Total 911. I have all 80 issues and cherish them too.

    Best wishes, Chris

  4. Javen

    Yeah exactly same as mine. She runs like a dream. 50kmiles still fresh and stunning. I just replced brand new brake kit and driver shaft. My dream porsche still is 993 4s but I still love 996 c4s.

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