Porsche 964 Turbo should have sold quicker

It’s a strange business selling Porsches. I took on this 964 Turbo almost a year ago and I thought it was have been snapped up very quickly. Priced at just £25,000 it was one of the cheapest 964 Turbos in the UK yet was far from a dog. The price was low because the car had a highish mileage – 118,000 – and wasn’t in perfect condition.

Yet the engine had had extensive work done on (a top end rebuild and more) and the car’s a joy to drive. I took it out at lunchtime to take it for a service before the new owner collects it, and I had a great time. The car felt really tight and, after flooring the throttle, there’s an exciting pause before the turbocharger kicks in and you’re thrust forward. Fantastic!

I think people were put off by the mileage because buyers are increasingly seeing air-cooled 911s as investments (and there’s nothing wrong with that) and believe that lower mileage cars will prove to be the better investments. That’s possibly true but there’s also room for Porsches that are there simply to drive and enjoy. And that’s exactly what the buyer of this 964 Turbo is planning to use it for. Lucky chap!

Oh, and now it’s finally sold, I’ve had several enquiries on it. Typical!

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