Porsche 964 makes the ideal classic 911

The Porsche 964 is being touted by many as the next big thing – the 911 to invest in. And after driving this lovely and very original low mileage example across the New Forest I can see why.

I’ve long been a fan of the Porsche 964 – long before it was fashionable to like them – so getting into one is always a treat. This gorgeous 1989 example has covered just 44,500 miles and literally is like new. A 964 is the perfect blend of classic 911 looks with modern technology. You get the appearance but none (or at least few) of the compromises you get with older Porsche 911s.

Yes, buy a Porsche 964 today and you’ll have made a good investment. As ever, though, the trick is to start off with a good example, and that’s where the difficulty lies – it’s incredibly hard to find decent 964s, like this one, at the moment.


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  1. Dylan Fermoyle

    Love it. I have always wanted a 911 and the 964 has always been my iconic image of the 911. Just looking at the steering wheel and instrument cluster – they are what I think of when I think 911 interior.

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