Porsche 944 – a resurgence of interest

The Porsche 944 has, in recent years, suffered from being unwanted and unloved by the bulk of Porsche enthusiasts. It’s become, well, just an old car and, as such, often bought by people wanting a Porsche badge but not really Porsche enthusiast. They’ve maintained the cars on the cheap and so many examples have deterioated.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed a resurgence of interest in the Porsche 944 from genuine Porsche enthusiasts. And that’s great news because I’ve always thought of the 944 as a superb car. It’s beautifully built, looks good, is comfortable and roomy (I’ve had a mountain bike in the back of one), reasonably fast and handles wonderfully.

It’s also good value for money. £5000 will get you a great example of a late 944 S2, which is the model to have.

The key, as with any Porsche, is to get a good, well maintained example, and that’s where you may struggle. So many 944s are scruffy and neglected and should be avoided unless they’re cheap and you’re confident you have the know-how to sort out any problems.

So, look for one that’s been cherished by a true Porsche enthusiast who knows what they’re doing and has kept up the car’s service history.

Find a decent one and it’d be a better buy than an early Boxster for the same money; the 944 is a more solid and over-engineered car.

A 944 is also great value compared to the similar 968 which replaced it. Get a 944 with well-sorted suspension and it’ll be 90 percent of a 968 for almost half the price.

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  1. david jardine

    I agree mine’s is a 1985 lux i’ve had it since 1989 not really much trouble either. Still on original clutch and exhaust only done 70k, 66k with me.Great 2+2 for the money.Shame it’s been overlooked as your article says

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