Porsche 911SC – the perfect classic 911

We’ve just got a lovely Porsche 911SC in stock which reminds me very much of my first ever Porsche 911, which was an SC. This car is Zinc Metallic, whereas mine was Champagne Metallic, but they’re similar shades. This one has a superbly original and striking Pascha interior while mine had a scruffy Berber. Those things aside, though, the car we have now is quite similar in appearance to mine, which I have fond memories of; some of you may remember me running it as a project car in 911 & Porsche World magazine.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the 911SC. Its 3.0-litre engine is more free-revving and eager than the 3.2 that followed, and the car is a perfect compromise between earlier (and more expensive) classic 911s, and the later more refined cars. It’s also a relatively rare Porsche, as Porsche didn’t make as many SCs as it did the Carrera 3.2 that followed, and many haven’t survived the years. The good news is that 911SC prices are on the rise, as more people appreciate just how good they are.

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