Porsche 911 – the ultimate eco car?

Many years ago, I read a book called Durable Car Ownership by Charles Ware of the Morris Minor Centre in Bath, and the philosophy behind it stuck in my mind. In a nutshell, Mr Ware argued that keeping existing cars on the road – in his case the timeless Morris Minor – made more sense from a financial and environmental point of view then scrapping them and buying new ones. And this was written over 30 years ago, before being ‘eco’ was trendy.

Ware claimed that, apart from the Minor, only Volvos were made well enough to fit into his way of thinking. He was wrong, in that respect, though, as Porsches are also well-made and tough enough to just keep going. Indeed, Porsche claims that over 80 percent of its cars ever built are still on the road today.

Buy a Porsche today and you can be sure that it will last well, and there’s a great network of parts and service suppliers around the world, which well help you keep your Porsche running. What’s more, buy a used example and you won’t have to suffer too much, if any, depreciation. The car may even go up in value.

OK, a Porsche may do less miles per gallon than many modern cars but if you’re sensible and avoid pointless and short journeys, then you’ll use less fuel than Football Mum driving her kids a mile to school each day in her 4×4.

Most importantly, perhaps, a Porsche is a lot more fun to own and to drive than many modern iceboxes. So you can save the planet and have fun!

A Porsche 911 – better looking than a Prius!



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