Porsche 911 Targas, are they really that bad?

I’ve just read a letter in a magazine from an old friend and colleague, warning people off 911 Targas and calling them ‘pretty mediocre’. Ouch! I can imagine the hate mail he’s going to receive.

I can understand where he’s coming from, though, as I used to have similar feelings about Targas (and, yes, I got hate mail). I argued that the roof spoiled the classic 911 profile and created unacceptable wind noise.

However, I’ve since grown to love the Targa shape. Sure, it’s not as elegant as the classic coupe roofline, but it does have an appeal all of its own, in a retro sort of way. Take a look at the photo above and tell me that’s not a great-looking 911.

As for wind noise, if the roof fits properly, it’s actually snug and quiet. Not as quiet as a coupe, granted, but not bad at all. And on a summer’s day, it’s hard to beat the sun on your face feeling of an open-top Porsche.

The good news for buyers is that Targas are less popular than coupes so prices tend to be a bit less. Buy carefully and you can get yourself a bargain 911 if you opt for a lift-out roof.

I’ve recently sold a rare 1988 Turbo Targa and, every time I set eyes on it, I fell in love with its appearance. Which surely means I’m cured of my Targa hatred.

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  1. Carl Sanders

    It was always thought that the Targa added to the aesthetics of the car first noted when we were driving behind one. As if people are going to listen to some individuals opinion and be put off from buying anything. These are classic shapes, unlikely to be repeated in modern design, they can be appreciated for what they symbolised at the time. If anything the large whale tales are not particularly liked but that is a personal opinion, someone will think they are terrific! The 993 is a favourite in what ever form it takes, nice picture!

  2. Patricia

    My 1990 964 Carerra C2 was beautiful. White/beige with the black Targa top, it really drew some looks especially at The Charlotte Auto Fair. I bought it with a aero wing installed which I had to learn to enjoy, but I received many positive comments. The engine needed some routine TLC, but otherwise was a great classic sports car. I agree, however, the 993 is probably the finest of the pre 996 era.

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