Porsche 911 Targa – the ideal compromise

Porsche enthusiasts have long argued for and against Cabriolets, with purists claiming that 911s should only be coupes. I’m not about to enter into that fray but rather would like to suggest there’s a third option – the 911 Targa.

In this case, I mean the glass-roofed Targa made from 1995 in 993 form, and later in 996 and 997 guises. Today’s been a gloriously sunny day here in southern England but still with a winter chill in the air – ideal conditions for a Targa. The big glass roof panel slides back to give all the benefits of open-top motoring with none of the problems (wind noise, buffeting). However, it’s when the roof is closed that I think the Targa really wins – the glass roof gives the usually closed-in 911 cockpit a feeling of light and openness. And if the sun gets too bright, you simply touch a button and a blind glides over making the car as cosy as a coupe.

Oh, and another benefit – it’s great for photographing the car’s interior!

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