Porsche 911 Speedster Flatnose?

Did Porsche produce a 911 Speedster Flatnose? I’ve just received an email about this Porsche in Australia, asking if it’s genuine.

The advert says it’s a 1989 3.-litre 911 Speedster that was produced by the factory with a flatnose front. That’s possible as Porsche’s Special Wishes department would make pretty much anything you asked for back then – so long as you could afford to pay. I’ve not heard of such a car before but maybe someone out there can supply more information?

Even if this was built as a flatnose, it’s since been messed about which detracts from its provenance and appeal. The advert says it’s been fitted with ‘C2’ bumpers, by which they mean the later 964 bumpers – this would have been an impact bumper car. It also says that the original bumpers are still available and could be reinstated. Sadly, it’s not that easy. The car also has 964 rear lights and central rear reflector, which necessitates a different engine lid and rear wings (or some messing around with the metal work).

In addition, the car’s been fitted with what are said to be Ruf wheels and some hideous seats.

Is it worth the £100,000 asking price? It’s worth what someone’s prepared to pay for it. If it can be proved that it left the factory as a 911 Speedster Flatnose and someone can be prepared to put the time and money into returning it to its original specification, then they’d potentially have a very rare and valuable car. it’s just a case of proving that provenance.

UPDATE: I’ve just had a call from a friend who’s a Speedster and Special Wishes enthusiast. He says it’s unlikely that Porsche would have built a flatnose that didn’t also include the slatted intakes in the rear wings and the boxy sill extensions, which suggests that maybe this car isn’t genuine. However, I pointed out that maybe – and it’s a big maybe – that these items were removed when the car was updated with 964 parts – after all, new rear wings would have been required. We’re doing some more investigating and will report back…

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  1. Jim Garrard

    Its clearly an aftermarket conversion, or has had extensive re build work done at some point, not keen on the new style RUF`s, 1st gen look better, probable steel wings bought buy porsche dealer, and fitted by the dealer, is they only explaination I can suggest. Sorry. J

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