Porsche 911 Speedster 3.2


My friend Kevin Young loves his Porsche 964-model 911 Speedster and I’m pleased to report that, unlike many of these rare Porsches, his Speedster gets used regularly. So how would Kevin cope with the previous generation of 911 Speedster, the 3.2-lire version? Here’s his insightful report on his first drive in one:

The 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster’s squat stance – punctuated by its flared turbo body and “fat” Fuchs wheels just looks right – unbelievably cool!
Simon’s Midnight Blue example has travelled a mere 26,000km since new – it’s like a new car and clearly its been cherished. Following lunch, I was surprised that Simon generously encouraged me to drive it while he pursued in my F355 Spider.¬†Having commuted extensively in my own 964 Speedster over the past two weeks, I was curious how they would compare.



Cruising home along some of my favorite mountain roads, I was initially disappointed and somewhat surprised to experience such noticeable cowl shake on certain sections that would not have phased my 964. The 911 Speedster’s chassis was surprisingly more flexible than Dominique’s 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet.
However I began to bond with this classic as I continued my drive. I finally recognized that this was designed to serve as Porsche’s “feel good” car. The non power assisted steering dancing full of feel – honest and communicative – I loved this interaction. Once I got used to the “long throw” G50 five-speed transmission, I confidently gave the familiar 3.2 litre a fun workout. Driving it crisply at 7/10s in the time honored “slow in fast out” 911 driving style I found it engaging and very rewarding – especially when giving full power earlier – destabilizing then quickly stabilizing the fat rear with just the delicious steering. Addictive!
This robust flat-six engine just loves to rev – redline is reached at 6300rpm and it produces an honest 231bhp at 5900rpm with a usable 195 ft lbs at 4800rpm.
Achieving a purpose in life is what most of us strive for. With the 1989 911 Speedster, Porsche successfully created an incredibly fun, cool and delightful car. Its a really happy car. For me, happiness is all that matters.


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