Porsche 911 is the greatest, says Car magazine

The Porsche 911 has topped Car magazine’s list of the best 50 cars of the last 50 years, as reported in a special issue of the magazine to celebrate its 50th birthday. It’s interesting to note that the 911 will reach the same landmark next year.

Car took an early 2.0-litre 911 from 1965, together with a brand new 991, to the Furka Pass in the Alps to produce one of the best-looking Porsche features I’ve ever seen in a magazine. Combining superb photograph with thoughtful prose, it’s a classic example of what makes Car a great magazine. The feature also makes a useful comparison of the two 911s from almost 50 years apart and shows how the Porsche has evolved while still maintaining its original charm and appeal.

And that’s only one of many features in a memorable issue. I urge you to buy a copy – you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, any top 50 list is very subjective but Car’s writers put together a good argument to justify each car’s position in the list, and there are other superb features on great cars, classic and modern.

Car magazine’s top 50 cars of the last 50 years

 1. Porsche 911
2. BMW M3
3. McLaren F1
4. Volkswagen Golf GTI
5. Land Rover Range Rover
6. BMC Mini
7. Jaguar E-type
8. Lamborghini Countach
9. Ferrari 458
10. Nissan GT-R:
11. Honda NSX
12. Lotus Elan
13. Aston Martin DB5
14. Audi Quattro
15. Citroën 2CV
16. Ford Focus
17. Lotus Elise
18. Smart ForTwo
19. BMW 5-series
20. Lamborghini Miura
21. Peugeot 205 GTi
22. Ferrari 250 GTO
23. Chevrolet Corvette
24. Land Rover Defender
25. Mazda MX-5
26. Rolls-Royce Phantom
27. Ferrari F40
28. Saab 99 Turbo
29. Lancia Delta HF Integrale
30. Mercedes-Benz S-class
31. Lancia Stratos
32. Ariel Atom
33. Renault 4
34. Ford Mustang
35. Bugatti Veyron
36. Mitsubishi Evo
37. Subaru Impreza
38. Fiat Panda
39. Jensen FF
40. Lexus LS400
41. Alfa Romeo Alfasud
42. Renault 5
43. Citroën DS
44. Ford Sierra Cosworth
45. Caterham Seven
46. Jaguar XJ
47. NSU Ro80
48. Fiat Multipla
49. Lotus Carlton
50. Lotus Esprit

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