Porsche 911 and Apple iPhone – winning designs

Apple’s just released a new iPhone 4S. It looks very like the old one but, under the hood, it’s all new. Faster, more sophisticated and, quite simply, better than the old one.

Guess what, though, people are moaning about it. It’s not different enough, apparently. They want to see a fresh design and an ‘iPhone 5’ badge.

Why, though? I’ve an iPhone 4 sitting in front of me and it’s a thing of great beauty. Functional and elegant, as all good industrial design should be. I can’t see how it could be bettered, looks-wise.

All this reminds me of the Porsche 911. Although the design has changed over the years, the basic form remains instantly recognisable but, again, people criticise the 911 for just that reason, saying the new one looks just like the old one. It doesn’t, if you look closely, even though the basic design elements remain.

The silly thing is that, if Porsche did the unthinkable and completely redesigned the 911, then those very same people would be up in arms.

At the end of the day, if you have a winning design formula, why change it? Just make it even better.

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  1. Brava! Well said.

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