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The key to selling a Porsche is marketing it widely, and that’s where I come in as a broker, saving private individuals a lot of hard work. And hard work it is, ensuring that Porsches are advertised in the right places. Today, of course, that means on the internet and there are a number of websites available. Here are just some:


The most well-known and useful for advertising modern Porsches, but less so classics. It’s a pain to use, though. First of all, the images have to be just the right size otherwise they won’t upload. Worse, though, you are forced into paying to go into a local Autotrader magazine if you want to place an online advert. Fine for an old Ford Fiesta, perhaps, but my Porsches are marketed worldwide and I see little benefit in going in a local publication as well. Both online and print adverts have a limited number of words and paragraphs don’t exist. At the moment, Autotrader is a necessary evil but I hope it changes.


A great and cost-effective place to advertise Porsches. The site isn’t the most high-tech and its search capabilities are limited, but it’s relatively easy to use and good value from a trade advertiser’s point of view.


An increasingly important player, eBay isn’t just an auction site but it also allows you to place classified adverts for cars. There is the option of inviting people to make offers on cars, too. eBay suits lower value Porsches as users tend to be looking for bargains. Not cheap to advertise, either.


This is a hidden gem. A free site that is refreshingly easy to submit adverts and photos too. Autotrader should take a good look at UsedCar! The only problem is that it’s woefully underused at present.

Car and Classic

Another free classified site which is straightforward to use. As its name suggests, it’s aimed mainly at classic cars although modern metal is allowed.

Classic Driver

A great European-wide site that also sends out an excellent weekly newsletter. The only problem is that’s a pain to place an advert, as they don’t taken online payment and dealers have to choose between paying for just one advert or a trade account for multiple ads – there’s no halfway house.

Motor Mutt

This is a clever new site that travels car dealers’ own websites and pulls out adverts relevant to the buyer’s search.

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