Original numbers Porsche 911T

I have a lovely 1970 Porsche 911T in stock at the moment. The owner has spent about £60,000 on the car, mainly on a full body restoration, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

At the moment, the Porsche is powered by a later 2.4-litre engine and there’s no denying it drives well. However, the owner also has the original 2.2-litre engine and the original plan was to include this in the sale, as with these classic Porsche 911s it’s always good if the ‘numbers match’. In other words, the engine number and gearbox number are the originals from the car.

Now, though, the owner of this car wants to go one stage further. He’s having the original 2.2 litre engine rebuilt and refitted to the car, so it will be back to original specification. That’s great news for buyers because, not will this be a fully restored – body and engine – Porsche 911, it will be a ‘matching numbers’ car. Fantastic!

Please click here for more details and photos of this rare Porsche.

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