Of Porsches, Morgans and Maseratis

A rare 993 Carrera S

I headed out of the office this afternoon to meet a Porsche 993 Carrera S owner (more on that car anon) at a motorway service station (it’s a glamourous life!).

After looking over his glorious 993, we chatted for an hour or so about all things Porsche over a coffee then headed back through the car park where we spotted…

A three-wheeler Morgan with a cool pair of panniers strapped over it.

Love the panniers and spare wheel on this Morgan!

And the most amazing 1972 Maserati Khamsin. A lovely car which, the owner told us, had been the 1972 UK press car and had just had a five-year restoration. It looked stunning and the glass rear panel was most unusual.

All in all, these three made a change from the usual dull motorway fare and, to top it all, I spotted a Triumph TR6 and an Alfa Romeo Z1 on the way home! Not a bad afternoon.

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