New Porsche 991 Turbo in action on the Nürburgring

I’m not a big fan of YouTube videos of cars driving around a track, but this one is different. It shows the yet to be released Porsche 991 Turbo being tested on the Nürburgring. If nothing else, it shows that the 911 Turbo is almost ready for production and, if the footage is anything to go by, it will be an astonishing performer. But then we wouldn’t expect anything less from a 911 Turbo.

Frustratingly, the video doesn’t give much away about the 991 Turbo’s appearance – the cars are disguised to look like 997 Turbos. However, it doesn’t take too much imagination to look at a standard 991 and imagine what a Turbo version will look like – wider rear end, rear wing, larger front intakes. It’ll be an amazing machine to look at, drive and to own.

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