New issue of GT Porsche magazine

The new issue of GT Porsche has just dropped through my letterbox (delayed by the snow, no doubt) and I’m pleased to see that it contains two features that I wrote.

The first is on John Miles’ Porsche 964 Carrera 4 – a car that was with the same owner for 20 years and throughout that time he used it as his daily driver.

The second is a piece comparing the first and the last Porsche 944s – the 2.7 Lux and the 3.0-litre S2. The 944 had its 30th birthday last year and good ones are getting hard to find. (we have two in stock, incidentally).

There are also lots of other tasty looking Porsche features in the issue that I’m looking forward to reading. Including the first and last GT3 RSs back to back (996 and 4.0), a trio of retro classic replicas, and Peter Morgan’s restoration of a 911L.


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