Modified Porsche 993 is surprisingly good

Now, I’ve driven some modified Porsches over the years that have been, well, rather disappointing. Sometimes, messing around with a car can spoilt what was previously a perfectly good car.

However, today I had a long drive in a 993 Cabriolet that was owned by the director of top exhaust specialist Hayward and Scott, so it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about making an engine breath better. He’s done some gentle work on the car’s engine that gives  a modest power boost to 297bhp and made the engine feel freer revving and more willing. It’s good.

The car’s fitted with 19-inch wheels which won’t be to everyone’s taste, granted, but surprisingly they don’t have an adverse affect on the ride quality or tyre noise. It also has Turbo S bodywork.

Click here for more details on this Porsche.

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