It was a new Porsche once


A colleague passed me a Porsche press pack dating from 2003. Press packs were, as the name suggests, given to motoring journalists at the launch of new models and are, sadly, a thing of the past as, today, they’re now all supplied online. Back in 2003 it was a transitionary period with a printed book combined with the then height of technology – a CD ROM containing text and images. By today’s standards, the photos seem almost ordinary without the heavy photoshopping that Porsche employs today, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

2003 was the time of the 996, Boxster and the new kid on the block – the Cayenne. That was it, just three models in the Porsche line-up. No Panamera, no Cayman, no Macan.

The interesting thing from today’s perspective is that these are now all relatively cheap, entry-level Porsches. You can get a decent 996 for £15,000, making it by far the cheapest used 911 available. A 2003 Boxster can be found for under £10,000, while early Cayenne start at even less. All great value for money Porsches.

Yet, looking through the photos in this press pack is a reminder that all these were once highly desirable and luxurious Porsches, bought by wealthy people. And do you know what? They are still highly desirable and luxurious Porsche but are now within the reach of almost anyone. Take a look at the selection of photographs below and tell me you don’t agree.


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