I also write about Porsches!


Although I’m enjoying my new life selling Porsches, I do also love writing about cars, Porsches in particular. Unfortunately, for the last six months I’ve had little opportunity to do that, because of a restrictive clause in my contract with Imagine Publishing, the company I worked for. Now, thankfully, that is coming to an end and I’ll soon be free to write for anyone I want to.

I’ve written for and edited magazines and books for many years and like to think I do a decent job of it. Although Porsche is my specialist subject, I can turn my hand to other things, too, including cars, travel, photography and technology.

It would be nice to have a bit of writing back in my life, so if you’re a magazine editor or publisher, do please get in touch for a chat, wherever in the world you might be!


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  1. Glad to hear this!

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