How to save £100,000 on a Porsche 911 Turbo

I’ve just returned from the Isle of Man where I was driving the latest Porsche 911 Turbo S for Total 911 magazine.

It’s an astonishing car and a lot of fun – especially on an island without speed limits! However, this example cost £130,000 (specced with Aerokit, rear wiper and, er, floor mats) which, for most people, is a helluva lot of money. More than they’d want – or could – spend on a car.

However, help is at hand. You can save £100,000 simply by buying the previous-generation 911 Turbo S – the 996 variant. With essentially the same engine but producing 450bhp instead of the new car’s 530bhp (which is surely enough for most people), you can if you look hard enough find one for as little as £30,000.

Alternatively, I’ll let you into a secret. The standard 996 Turbo was sold with an optional X50 Powerkit which gave exactly the same power as the Turbo S, albeit without the badge. Choose one of those and you are more likely to find a decent example for £30,000 or less. Indeed, I’ve seen such cars offered for sale and the sellers didn’t even know it was an X50 car – check the option codes on the underside of the boot lid.

An even more affordable option, if you can slum it with just 420bhp, is to buy a standard 996 Turbo, which remains a fantastic car. High mileage examples are down to £23,000, but just be aware that running costs aren’t cheap.

Funnily enough, I was browsing the classifieds and spotted a lovely example of a 996 Turbo – on the Isle of Man! A Speed Yellow Turbo appeals to me – it makes a pleasant change from the usual greys and blacks.


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