Approved warranties

ensuring total piece of mind

Our approved warranty is there to ensure you can drive your car, with a total reassurance that you’re not going to be landed with an unexpected bill. ALL Porsches are applicable for our warranty so do get in touch!


1. We perform a 117 point check on your car to ensure its health and condition.

2. Once its passed our checks we can put it on our warranty scheme. We have 1, 2 or 3 year warranty options.

3. Throughout the warranty period we will want to see your car for its service. When its in for its service we will also perform a quick inspection on the car. This allows us to carry out any work required and preventative maintenance to ensure you don’t run into any problems. All preventative work is covered by us. It’s the preventative maintenance that allows this scheme to work so well.

4. Should you have any problems during your warranty we will collect and repair your car free of charge.

5. At the end of your warranty you have the choice to extend it without the need for another 117 point check. 


If you would like our warranty on a car you are buying from us you don’t have to get an 117 point check as this will already have been completed. You will also get the first 6 months free.



– 117 point check £130+VAT

986, 987, 996, 997

  • 1 year £870+VAT
  • 2 years £1670+VAT
  • 3 years £2460+VAT

981, 718 Cayman

  • 1 year £890+VAT
  • 2 years £1690+VAT
  • 3 years £2480+VAT


  • 1 year £900+VAT
  • 2 years £1700+VAT
  • 3 years £2490+VAT


  • 1 year £950+VAT
  • 2 years £1750+VAT
  • 3 years £2490+VAT

If your car isn’t included in the list above then get in touch and we will be happy to give you a price. All cars are applicable.

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