GT Porsche magazine – June 2014


I’ve just received the June 2014 issue of GT Porsche magazine and, as ever, it’s a good one.

An article on why an early Porsche 997 Carrera is a great car is one that could have been written my me, so close are its sentiments to my own. I’ve long argued that the 3.6-litre 997 is an underrated gem, with a sweet engine and a great (non PASM) suspension set-up. By coincidence, I had a call from someone yesterday who was about to buy such a car for just £20,000 from a private seller. That just shows what good value early 997s have become – they’re a decade old now!


I was also taken by a feature on a lovely 2.4-litre 911S that’s just been restored by Autofarm. A superb car that’s only going to go up in value. A subject which Peter Morgan touches on in his column in the same issue.


Rather less valuable but just as interesting, are the three front-engined Porsches featured. I happened to be at Chobham when these cars were being photographed and nabbed a quick drive in the 924S. Annoyingly, I missed the 944 Turbo which was also there. With 911 prices rocketing, surely it’s time that these front-engined classics began to go up in value. Speaking of which, later in the magazine is my piece on 924 Turbo values – an undervalued rarity if ever there was one.


My other article in this issue is on buying a Porsche for £60,000 – not as easy as you might think. Pick up a copy in the shops or click here.

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